Treasure Harness


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Walking Your Dog Can Be So Much Easier

If you find yourself being dragged on your daily walks, or your pup is already showing signs of neck or tracheal pain then it’s time to consider new dog walking alternatives!

The Treasure Harness relieves the stress dog owners face by giving easy control over your pet’s movement and a strapping mechanism that takes three seconds to put on and off! The Treasure Harness doesn’t go near the vital organs of your dog to keep it comfortable and free of pain when you have to pull them around, it’s a perfect fit for breeds of all kinds!

Why the Treasure Harness is for you 👇

Ready in 3 seconds: Putting on a harness shouldn't be a struggle, just slip it on the head, strap it from below and you are ready to go!

Take full control: Redistributing pressure across your dog's chest, the Treasure Harness makes it easy to control your dog, even the bigger breeds!

No more shocking: Pulling your dog may lead to hurtful tugging or choking, the Treasure Harness puts no pressure on their vital organs to keep them smiling!

Personalized to your pet: Your harness is personalized to your pet. The custom patches are sure to turn heads and have people asking you "Where'd you get that?"

The Treasure Harness is the ultimate choice: Going on walks without struggling to control your dog makes the time you spend with them so much enjoyable! 


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